The Model of Fashion

Comfort Food as an Art:

Developing a gluten allergy and an introduction to Pinerest grew my awareness of gourmet cooking. Over the past year I’ve spent a lot of time cooking healthy and diverse plates. Over the summer, a friend and I made a conscientious attempt to get together once a week and cook delectable creations. Recently another long time friend moved back to the area, also sharing a mutual love for healthy cuisine. With a shared allergy to gluten and lactose, we thought it best to get together and make a meal. Our most recent creation was roasted delicata squash and salmon with quinoa polenta and leaks. The soy-based sauce came from a great Pinterest finding, and the quinoa polenta with leaks gave the salmon more substance. This was the first time I’ve tried delicata squash and it was absolutely delish! We sliced it in long strips and added a little butter/maple syrup for enhanced sweetness. It was so tender you were able to eat the rind. I felt inspired by this new squash finding, and compelled to share the beautiful presentation this food brings. I’ve found cooking to be an art within itself. There’s a strong sense of satisfaction I receive after creating a fancy dish of delicious food. The tendency is to post photos, and share the ingredients with online users also interested in healthy, homemade meals.

More to food photos/inspiration to come – Cheers!


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